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Solana Lead Generator

This project was sponsored by Dr. Robert Whetsel; A Lead Generator that connects to your Solana Wallet to connect you to a lead.

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Jun - Sep 2023

Full Stack • Web3 • Android • iOS



Web Developer

App Developer

Google Cloud Engineer

(Firestore & Compute Engine)

Team Members

Ayden Springer, Rocky Nguyen,

Christina Vu, Manish Andankar

Tech Stack

Frontend: Next.js, Tailwind

Mobile: Flutter -> React Native

Backend: Google Cloud Platform

Blockchain: Solana Mobile Stack

The Challenge

Traditional lead generators lacked a vital feature for the evolving crypto landscape: they didn't incorporate crypto wallet addresses or reward mechanisms for user sign-ups.

Our Solution

To address this gap, our team envisioned a lead generator integrated with a mobile wallet connection. This would enable users to utilize their decentralized wallets seamlessly, thereby bringing cryptocurrency into the realm of lead generation.

Key Development Decisions

Initially, our mobile development began with Flutter. However, a significant aspect of this project was the Solana Mobile Wallet Adapter (MWA), a crucial component that facilitates the wallet connect feature. It's worth noting that, currently, Solana MWA supports only Android. This limited compatibility posed a challenge, and as a result, our team transitioned from Flutter to React Native for broader accessibility and integration. On the web front, we employed Next.js complemented by Tailwind, with standard phantom support ensuring an optimized user experience. All the while, Google Cloud's Compute Engine and Firestore were chosen for backend development due to their reliability and scalability.

Noteworthy Challenges

One particular challenge worth highlighting was the rarity of expertise in integrating Solana MWA. Our bounty leader had a tough time finding developers skilled in this niche area.

It became evident that our team, particularly with the talents of Ayden, Rocky, Christina, and Manish, was among the few that could effectively harness this technology.


The result of our team's diligent work and innovative approach is a fully functional lead generator, operable on both mobile and web. It securely collects Solana addresses and personal information, ensuring users are rewarded in cryptocurrency for their engagement. The Solana Lead Generator, with its unique integration of decentralized wallets, sets a new standard for crypto-inclusive lead generation platforms.

My Impact

I played a key role in the Solana Lead Generator project. Even though other members and previous employees could not figure out the mobile wallet connection, I figured it out. Based on this, I built the application and made sure it worked well with our server. My skills and direct work made a big difference in our project's success.


Throughout the Solana Lead Generator project, the importance of innovative solutions and technical expertise became evident. Overcoming challenges, especially in areas like mobile wallet connectivity, highlighted the need for continual learning and adaptation in the rapidly-evolving tech landscape. My contributions, combined with the efforts of the entire team, resulted in a product that not only addressed the initial problem but also set a benchmark for future endeavors. As technology continues to advance, it's clear that collaboration and ingenuity will remain key to achieving success in any project.

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