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Mothora is a sci-fi shooter game with a unique twist—it leverages the power of blockchain technology for on-chain storage contracts, all integrated with Unreal Engine. Initiated by team member João Martins, the project aimed to provide a solution to the limitations commonly observed in Web3 games.

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Sep 2022 - February 2023

Full Stack • Web3



Lead Web Application Developer

Team Members

Ayden, João, Pedro, Jared

Tech Stack

Frontend: Next.js, Tailwind

Backend: Next.js, GraphQL, Prisma

Web3: Solidity

Engine: Unreal Engine


The landscape of Web3 games, despite its promise, suffers from three main issues:

  1. Lack of engaging gameplay leading to boredom.
  2. Absence of a revenue flow model that benefits both players and developers.
  3. Poor graphical quality, making the games unappealing.


To address these challenges, we aimed to develop an Unreal Engine-based Web3 game. The game features an on-chain economy, designed to create revenue streams for both players and the development team. Furthermore, by utilizing Unreal Engine, we could ensure high-quality graphics, setting our game apart from the competition.


The development phase was an iterative process, starting with defining the smart contracts for on-chain storage and establishing the connection between Unreal Engine and blockchain technology. The frontend was developed using Next.js and Tailwind, offering a sleek, user-friendly interface. GraphQL and Prisma were used for handling data queries and the backend, respectively.


  1. Landing Page: The landing page was successful in attracting attention from potential investors.
  2. MVP: The minimum viable product offered a simple onboarding process for users, enabling them to join various factions and guilds.
  3. Unreal Engine Demo: A working demo showcasing the smart contract integration with Unreal Engine was developed.


Mothora serves as a testament to the potential of integrating modern gaming technologies with emerging blockchain capabilities. While challenges remain, the project has already shown promising results in creating a Web3 game that is both engaging and financially rewarding for its participants.

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